Texas Railroad Commission

Texas is home to 45% of land rigs in the United States, accounting for over 7 million barrels of oil and 7 million cubic feet of natural gas production annually. The Texas Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has primary regulatory jurisdiction in the state. However, this is not the only reporting body within Texas. Our Texas Oil and Gas Reporting Team assist in navigating our clients through the many bodies and forms required to produce oil and gas in the state of Texas. Remember Severance tax filings are not always a monthly filing. Please speak with a member of our staff today to see if you qualify for annual filings, or if you have not filed your taxes and want to stop interest and fees that are accumulating daily.

Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) services include but are not limited to:

  • Production Reporting (PR’s)
  • Inactive Well Testing (HB2259 & H-15)
  • Texas Comptroller Agency
    • Severance Tax Collection & Payment
  • General Land Office
    • Leasing & Collection of State Royalties
    • Lease Maintenance
    • Commingling of State Leases or Units

Accurate Texas Railroad Commission production accounting and reporting, as well as ensuring your company’s severance taxes and royalties are properly calculated and reported, can be a labor-intensive task. Working with your field personnel to obtain well test data, we can assist in properly filing permits, H-15’s and your W-3X or W-3C’s to the Texas Railroad Commission RRC. Each producer and or purchaser of crude oil and or natural gas must report form AP-134 Crude Oil and Natural Gas Texas Tax Questionnaire to the State Comptroller. Our staff will assist you in setting up your leases using the online Natural Gas ETF System (Electronic Tax Filing). Our clients who have obtained state lease rights are required to file monthly GLO-1,2,3 reports via online upload to the Texas General Land Office. This process requires tract participation factors, royalty interest and sales detail. Working with your land department and utilizing contacts we can set up and file your monthly royalty reports (GLO-1, 2, 3) for all your state leases.

  • GLO-1: Oil and Condensate Production/Royalty Report
  • GLO-2: Gas Production/Royalty Report
  • GLO-3: Royalty Payment Document

With over 20 years of regulatory RRC reporting experience, our outsourcing and consulting knowledge will help you navigate through this web of filings and notices that your company may have received. If you recently received a HB2259 violation, are required to pay royalties to the GLO or are concerned about possible lease exemptions with the State Comptroller, call us today.