We specialize in reducing liabilities with accurate reporting processes so you can focus on your core business. Complex state laws and regulations present challenges and opportunities to exploration and production companies with respect to compliance obligations. Accurate production accounting and reporting, as well as ensuring your company’s Louisiana Severance Taxes and Louisiana Royalties are properly calculated and reported, can be a labor-intensive task.

Our established relationships with state authorities (Louisiana Department of Revenue, Louisiana Office of Conservation, Louisiana Office of Mineral Income) aids in our continuing effort to bridge the gap between multiple departments. We communicate regularly with Operations, Land, Facility Operators and Engineers to customize a product specific to each client’s needs. Our Louisiana Reporting team has years of experience in all spectrum’s of the Oil and Gas industry. They are well versed with the many uses of SONRIS, Louisiana Office of Mineral Income and the Louisiana Department of Revenue websites. We ensure our team is continually educated on changes and updates in state laws and regulations by attending all industry related conferences.

Louisiana Oil and Gas Accounting services offered to our clients are:

  • Generate monthly production and sales allocations on a well level basis
  • Production Reporting
    • Prepare and submit monthly production reports
    • OGPs and R5Ds
  • Severance Taxes
    • Prepare and submit monthly tax returns
    • O1-D, G1-D, O-3, G-3, O-5 and G-5
    • Monitoring for tax rate reductions and exemptions
  • State Royalties
    • Prepare and submit monthly royalty reports
    • SR-1, SR-2 and SR-5
  • Transporter Reporting
    • R-2 and R-5T

Louisiana Oil and Gas consulting services offered to our clients are:

  • Production Handling Agreements
  • Commingling Agreements
  • Gas Balancing Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Review of Regulatory Filings