ONRR 2014 Royalty Reporting

In today’s complex environment of governmental reporting, our team of experienced professionals will assure that your reporting meets all required regulations and guidelines within industry standards. You can be confident that we will accurately report the production of your oil, condensate, processed gas, unprocessed gas, pipeline condensate, retrograde condensate, scrubber, gas plant products, flash gas and fuel gas; to name only a few. Your marketing arrangements, transportation deductions, processing deductions, communitization agreements and “take vs. entitlements” will be thoroughly reviewed, properly submitted and maximized to full potential. Our Federal team can manage all aspects of Royalty Valuation with the preparation of 2014 reports.

ONRR recently issued new guidelines addressing changes in reporting of field fuel and unbundling of processing and transportation allowances. This has created confusion and uncertainty throughout the industry. We can review your contractual arrangements and ensure that your MMS 2014 reporting is compliant under these new guidelines. Most companies do not have the resources to resolve the abundant request(s) of data mining, date requests and audits issued by the ONRR due to these new reporting requirements. Let us assist you in resolving these issues and serve as your first line of contact with government agencies. Our extensively detailed document storage provides the best environment for audit evaluations.