Federal OGOR Reporting

If you are a designated operator of Federal and/or Indian leases/agreements, you must begin reporting a Federal OGOR when the well is no longer in active drilling status. Reporting on wells should continue until they are plugged and abandoned. Federal OGOR reporting is a summary of all operations conducted on a lease/agreement during the specific production month. It is important that OGOR reporting is accurate because of the frequency of audits as well as fines for inaccurate reporting from the ONRR (Office of Natural Resources Revenue) have increased. Our team can assist your company with these monthly filings. It is our goal to submit timely and accurate OGOR reports to the ONRR on your behalf. We will work with your:

  • Operations Department – We collaborate with your production department to ensure we are accurately reporting what’s happening at the production facility.
  • Land Department – For accurate reporting, we will request Lease Agreements, Commingling Agreements and, if applicable, Unitization/Communitization Agreements. All of which are necessary for accurate reporting.

Once we have obtained all of this information we can begin to generate the OGOR reports required for your inventory of properties. OGOR reporting is due on the 15th of the second month following production and the penalties for late or inaccurate filings are steep; As much as $500 per day if not corrected within 20 days. Knowingly or willfully not correcting a known error may increase your company’s penalty to $25,000 per day. If you have issues related to past filings and are fearful of being audited, please contact our knowledgeable associates to discuss specific steps that we can take to ease your frustration. With our years of Federal Reporting experience and our hands-on approach, we can guide you through any necessary corrections and/or prior period adjustments. Our relationship and understanding of the Office of Natural Resources Revenue can be the change you need.