Royalty Reporting

In today’s complex environment of governmental reporting, our team will ensure your reporting meets all required regulations within industry standards.

Audits & Compliance

Audits will always be a part of governmental reporting, but you can rely on our expertise to help your company deal with them accordingly.

Revenue Accounting

Increasing regulations, division orders and system limitations can complicate the gap between revenue & regulatory accounting. We find a solution.

Production Accounting

We can reduce your liabilities by accurately reporting production and sales via customized workbooks that are unique to your inventory of assets.

texas capitol


Our Texas team has broad experience navigating the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Texas Comptroller Agency and the General Land Office.



Our experienced Federal ONRR Reporting and Compliance team can provide your company with the services that are required to stay compliant with the Office of Natural Resources Revenue.



Our Louisiana team has several years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is fluent with SONRIS, the Office of Mineral Income and the Department of Revenue’s websites.

The Creel & Associates Management Team

Myrissa Childress

Federal Reporting Team Lead

Barry Creel


Allison Longoria

Allison Longoria

Vice President of Business Development


Nicole HugesCFO, Regal Oil Production
With the recent down turn in the industry we're relying more on properly accounting, and finding the tax breaks needed to weather the economic storm. Creel was able to manage our OGOR  and save us what turned out to be 4% in taxes. Which in times like these every point counts.
Caran CrookerController, Castex Energy
Creel has made it possible for us to operate efficiently with a smaller staff and call in extra resources when needed for projects such as deep well exemptions and state and federal audits.  They keep us current on any changes in reporting.

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