Jeremiah Anderson

About Jeremiah Anderson


Chief Executive Officer

Jeremiah joined Creel as a junior associate in 2008. While completing his BBA degree requirements and graduating from UHD with honors, he worked as a staff associate managing the Louisiana Regulatory group and is now our Chief Executive Officer. He is knowledgeable of the multiple uses of SONRIS (the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources website), LaTAP (Louisiana’s Tax Payer Access Point), the Office of Mineral Income website, the Office of Natural Resources Revenue website and 2014 reporting. He oversees reporting the compliance and submittal of all production, severance tax and state and federal royalty reports while also monitoring day-to-day operations. He is responsible for creating reporting process efficiencies, manages personnel deployment and implementing new directives for growth. Jeremiah is also directing our ONRR Unbundling research and implementation and communicates on a regular basis with management at the ONRR as well as the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. He is also an active participant in expense control and revenue stream enhancements.